Our team building program enhances and improves team performance through the understanding and application of a variety of studies, athletic disciplines and martial arts philosophies and practices. A person of any level of ability can benefit from our unique customized team training program. Our event focuses on a variety of martial arts drills and basic self-defense skills, in addition to personal development activities. 


  • College teams
  • Elite travel/club teams
  • High School teams
  • Women's groups/clubs
  • Corporations​​

What to expect

Team Success

​Women Elite Training

Martial arts mentality


     What does a team need to succeed?

  • A common goal
  • Constant review of self esteem and confidence
  • Leadership
  • Powerful decision making
  • Open communication

​​​You have team goals, we have the warrior knowledge and fighting spirit to make them a reality.

Confidence. Yes I can attitude. Women's safety. 

  • Focus and Discipline

  • Motivation

  • Power

  • Confidence

  • Women's Safety